What's Inside?

We have 12 individual activity rooms each filled with props and costumes to bring your Child`s imaginary play to life.

Little Chef Cafe

Where children can pretend making a coffee, baking cakes, cooking delicious foods, serving, cleaning and cashing up.

Izzy`s Beauty

A luxury beauty salon you have been waiting to go, where you can pamper yourself to stylish nails, washed and blow dried shiny hair and make up for the party

Pet Pals

Our beloved pets care centre. We have a varity of domesticated and loved animals in need of your care, love and attention.

Avenue Hospital

Our Avenue Hospital has world renounded doctors who care for their patients, carry out routing health, eye and tooth checkups.

Avenue Fire Station

Our Fire station has a hand made, one of its kind fire truck, fully equipped and ready to siren. A busy working fireman office is ready to receive your calls.

Cozy Cottage

A cozy home for our loved baby dolls. Who needs to sleep, eat, change and play. Our little helpers are on hand to keep the home clean, feed baby dolls, wash up and iron their cloths and play with them.

Kidsco Supermarket

Our super market aisles are filled with all the different kinds of fruits and vegetable you can think off. Your home essential grocery is on stock. Chilled and frozen food is ready for the grabs. Watch out for discounts and bargain deals at out kidsco supermarket.

Avenue post office

Our little post office is always very busy with deliveries receiving from around the world. Our little post mans are fully geared up for the fastest delivery and postal service to your door step.

Avenue Theatre

A live performance music theatre with a piano, guitars, drums, sing along songs on the centre stage. Our live theatres always full with little budding talents.

Avenue Police Station

Trouble makers beware! our avenue police is patrolling the city and no escape from their sturdy grips and will be put behind bars where only a bed and a toilet is available. So stay well clear.

Avenue baby Park

A baby park for little babies. The lush green park for babies to relax and play and watch the world go by.


There are plenty of reasons to choose Little Avenue Roleplay Centre for your children


Little Avenue is a role play beyond imagination.

Children need a variety of essential skills to understand the environment they live in, they learn and develop these skills through observing and listening to those around them. At little avenue we have created just that, a special space for children to explore their imaginations and experiment their observations through creative play.

Our play area is designed to encourage purposeful play, which allows children to explore, discover and experience different social and emotional situations.

Our individually themed rooms loaded with appropriate and well suited props will help children to develop their creative thinking, interaction, cooperation and collaboration skills and ultimately have loads of fun!

We encourage parents and cares to follow along their child/children and join in their world of imaginary play. A perfect excuse for them to be a child again!!

Little Avenue is the perfect little inspirational place for your children to be for whatever they want to be!


A memorable Little Avenue Birthday party details details will be announced soon

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Little Avenue Grand opening on 21st May for invites only.

To make it to our Grand Opening VIP list please like and share our facebook page. Winners will be announced on 16th May.

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With regret, little avenue has no wheelchair access at the moment. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.